Creating an Advance Directive in Oklahoma City


An issue with your health can be disconcerting for you and your loved ones, but often the best way to get peace of mind is to take control of the situation. That’s what an advance healthcare directive allows you to do. Instead of leaving decisions in the hands of your loved ones, or a healthcare provider who doesn’t know your situation, you can make a clear, enforceable statement of your intentions. At Denker & Zuhdi, PLLC, our Oklahoma City estate planning attorneys understand your situation. We have more than 50 years of combined experience helping our clients manage issues of aging and infirmity. Our attorneys handle discussions of incapacity planning with the utmost sensitivity and professionalism. We thoroughly explain your options and draft a directive that addresses your concerns.


An advance healthcare directive is a legal document that states what type of medical treatment you want if you are incapacitated and unable to communicate. One prominent option is a “living will” that indicates the measures someone wants and does not want used to prolong their life. With a directive, you can assert control by informing healthcare providers about critical matters such as:

  • Resuscitation — This refers to attempts to restart your heart or lungs if they fail. You can opt for an appropriate level of intervention. For instance, you can request cardiopulmonary resuscitation, which employs chest compressions and electric shock to restart your heart, or you can limit medical providers to interventions that only employ medication. If you are comfortable letting nature take its course, you can opt for a Do Not Resuscitate order, or DNR.
  • Life-sustaining treatment — You can state whether you want mechanical assistance for various bodily functions. This includes respiration, nutrition, and hydration, as well as dialysis to assist your kidneys. People often choose to issue a Do Not Intubate order if they are uncomfortable with the idea of being on a ventilator.
  • Appointment of a health care proxy — When someone suffers a sudden, serious medical condition, there might be conflicts and confusion about who should be making critical treatment choices. By naming a trusted person to serve as your health care proxy, you can be sure that someone who understands your priorities will be in charge.
  • Organ and tissue donation — This allows you to state that you want to donate your organs to needy individuals or even your whole body for research.

As we do when drafting wills to distribute property, our estate planning attorneys meet privately with you to discuss your concerns and compose a directive that addresses your specific needs and intentions. Under certain circumstances, it may be more appropriate to create a power of attorney document to give an agent broader authority over personal and financial matters.


If at any point you change your mind about any detail in your advance directive, you can amend its terms quickly and easily. All that’s required is to draft and execute a new document and file it wherever you have filed your old directive. The new directive will supersede the old document.

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