Oklahoma City Divorce Lawyers Provide Comprehensive Support

Respected attorneys help spouses protect themselves and their children

No one looks forward to divorce, but the proven family law attorneys at Zuhdi & Flynn, PLLC in Oklahoma City protect clients’ interests as they tackle this challenge. Our experienced advocates guide divorcing spouses in all facets of the marriage dissolution process including custody determinations, property division and alimony issues. No matter what led to the end of your marriage or what your particular objectives are, we provide knowledgeable counsel and unflinching legal support.

Accomplished advisers outline Oklahoma’s laws on marriage dissolution

As long as you or your spouse has been a state resident for at least six months, you can file a Petition for Dissolution of Marriage in the district court where you live. Our family lawyers draft the necessary paperwork and advise spouses on key legal issues, such as:

  • Grounds — Under Oklahoma law, a husband or wife can file for a no-fault divorce by declaring that the spouses are no longer compatible. Many different fault-based grounds exist as well, including adultery, abandonment and extreme cruelty. If you are considering alleging some type of misconduct, we can outline the potential pluses and minuses of that choice.
  • Uncontested divorce — If a couple agrees on each aspect of their divorce, the party who is served with the dissolution papers can waive their right to contest the proceeding and sign the decree of divorce proposed by their spouse. This can reduce the entire divorce process to a few days and cut down on the time and expense involved. However, before agreeing to a waiver dissolution, it’s important to seek the counsel of a qualified attorney to make sure that you understand the terms and possible consequences.
  • Annulment — Annulments aren’t just quickly obtained divorces: they are rulings that the marriage did not legally exist. In addition to unions that are automatically void, such as where one party was already married, several types of marriages are voidable if a spouse chooses to seek annulment. This includes instances where the bride and/or groom was under 18 and where consent to marriage was obtained through fraud or coercion. A remarriage that occurs within six months of a divorce can also be annulled within that timeframe.

There’s no set time or cost associated with a divorce because countless factors can affect the process. From your free consultation through the final dissolution of your marriage, we’ll speak honestly about potential costs and other concerns.

Family lawyers assist parents with child custody and visitation matters

Oklahoma courts, like the courts of other states, make child custody determinations guided by what they deem to be in the young person’s best interests. Our firm knows that parents will likely have to cooperate on these arrangements for several years, so it’s usually best to seek consensus on legal authority, residence and visitation terms. In some cases, joint custody arrangements are a workable solution, but if that presents a problem, we can request sole custody. Should the matter go to court, neither mothers nor fathers are preferred under the law, and the child’s preference can be considered if he or she is at least 12 years old or if the judge believes getting that input is appropriate. However, the court does not have to abide by the child’s decision.

Skilled litigators pursue appropriate spousal support terms

Oklahoma law authorizes temporary spousal maintenance payments while a divorce is pending as well as alimony to support a former spouse after the marriage is dissolved. In some situations, the parties agree to either one lump-sum amount or a series of payment over time. When consensus can’t be reached, courts examine the length and nature of the marriage, the needs of each party and each person’s ability to support themselves. Our firm advocates for clients pursuing spousal support as well those who are being asked to pay. Whatever your situation might be, we’ll advise as to how a judge might assess your argument and press for a proper result.

Thorough advocates work to establish fair property division arrangements

Dividing up assets and debts when a marriage ends can be complicated and contentious. Our firm analyzes the marital estate and pursues an appropriate distribution of assets, including personal property, bank accounts, and investments. Often, negotiation or mediation is the best way to resolve these matters because the parties themselves have the best understanding of their assets’ tangible and emotional value. If an agreement can’t be reached, however, we’ll press for a favorable result before the judge. Because Oklahoma is an equitable distribution jurisdiction, courts can look at various factors, including each party’s contributions and financial status, to decide what is fair. This might not be a 50-50 split, however, so it’s important to have a strong advocate by your side.

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