Oklahoma City Family Lawyers Help Clients Tackle Tough Challenges

Dedicated attorneys represent Oklahomans in divorces and custody disputes

When it’s time to retain a family lawyer, it’s important to realize that the effects of your decision will last long after your legal matter is closed. The accomplished attorneys of Zuhdi & Flynn, PLLC in Oklahoma City have more than three decades of combined experience securing positive results for area clients. You can trust us to deliver strong advocacy and exceptional, personalized service for any domestic legal matters. We handle divorces, custody issues, child support matters, adoptions and other family law challenges in a compassionate, professional manner.

Skillful firm handles concerns relating to child support and guardianship

Making sure that children are cared for properly regardless of the situation should always be top priority. To make sure that young people have the best chance to grow up in a safe, supportive environment, our firm assists with legal matters pertaining to:

  • Custody — When parents divorce, establishing appropriate custody terms can help everyone manage a difficult time. In matters involving legal authority, residence and visitation, our lawyers strive to build a parenting plan that truly serves the young person’s best interests.
  • Child support — Oklahoma child support determinations are based on parental income, the number of nights a son or daughter spends in each parent’s home and other factors. After reviewing the relevant information, our lawyers will explain what you can expect and advocate for a fair result if a disagreement exists regarding the accuracy of information provided by the other party. We also represent parents in child support modification and enforcement actions.
  • Visitation — Unless some type of danger is present, state law calls for the parent without primary physical custody to have structured and unstructured time with their son or daughter. Drafting parenting time guidelines often requires patience and creativity, but our established family law advocates can handle the most challenging situations. Our firm also advises grandparents who seek legal visitation rights if they are being kept away from their grandchild and a potential for harm exists.
  • Guardianship — There are many reasons that a child’s parents might no longer be able to provide appropriate care and support. We assist clients with guardianship in cases where children have been orphaned, parents voluntarily surrender their legal rights or a conflict exists over who should have legal authority.

As we pursue a successful resolution to your parenting issue, we always keep you apprised of relevant legal standards, your options and the potential consequences of each choice. Our firm also makes every effort to minimize costs, which includes offering a free initial consultation.

Knowledgeable advisers pursue positive results for divorcing clients

During a divorce, the emotional and financial burden can seem overwhelming, but with strong guidance from an experienced attorney, you can learn about your options and shape the process to meet your needs. Regardless of whether your breakup is uncontested or highly disputed, we make sure you’re familiar with the six-month residency requirement and the differences between no-fault divorce and marriage dissolution based on misconduct such as adultery or abandonment.

Strong litigators advocate for spouses in alimony proceedings

When a divorce proceeding is initiated, courts can award spousal maintenance to help meet a wife’s or husband’s financial needs while the case is pending. Upon dissolution of the marriage, the parties can agree on alimony terms or seek a decision from the judge. Courts examine each spouse’s circumstances and have wide latitude when determining whether spousal support should be awarded, and, if so, for how much and how long. This determination is based on financial factors, not on whether any alleged marital misconduct occurred. Our firm presents thorough, well-supported arguments on behalf of potential paying and recipient spouses. Regardless of the initial order, alimony ends upon the death of either party or when the ex-spouse who is collecting payments remarries or lives with a romantic partner.

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