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Private adoption is the preferred method of adoption for many Oklahoma couples and individuals who are ready to become parents or grow their family. In this process, prospective parents can connect with their adopted child as soon as he or she enters the world. At Zuhdi & Flynn, PLLC in Oklahoma City, our family lawyers protect the rights and interests of adoptive parents and birth parents in preparation for private domestic adoptions. We take pride in facilitating adoptions that place children into loving homes and give confidence and peace of mind to birth parents.

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Also called independent adoption, private adoption involves an arrangement in which custody is transferred from the child’s biological parent(s) to his or her adoptive parent(s) without using an adoption agency as an intermediary. Transfer of custody typically occurs shortly after the child’s birth. The adoptive parents are often able to take the child home from the hospital.

An independent adoption may be open, semi-open or closed, depending on the agreement between birth parents and new parents. The agreement generally also includes terms requiring the adoptive parents to pay for certain of the birth mother’s expenses during her pregnancy.

Many people who choose private adoption do so because it allows for direct communication and transparency between each set of parents. A birth mother may want to choose parents who will raise the child in a certain faith or who can provide a certain qualify of life. The adoptive parents may want to understand the birth mother’s family history and backstory so they can share it with their child when the time comes.

We understand the importance of crafting private adoption agreements that serve the needs and desires of both parties while looking out for the child’s best interests. Our seasoned attorneys are also able to identify potential trouble spots, and we have a long record of success engaging in productive negotiations.

Committed lawyers draft agreements to ensure legality of private adoptions

Adoptive parents and expecting parents who wish to forgo the agency route may find each other through online groups, community connections, established relationships or other means. Whether you have already connected with your new child’s other parents or you are simply considering private adoption as an option, it is best to speak to a family law attorney early in the process. The adoption agreement you sign will not only affect the rest of your life but will also shape the life of your child. Furthermore, any misstep in the legal process or in the preparation of the agreement could compromise your parental rights.

The process of private adoption typically involves the following steps:

  • Adoptive parents complete a home study from a state licensed agency
  • Expectant parent(s) and adoptive parent(s) initiate contact, discuss what type of adoption they would like and perhaps address compensation for the expectant mother’s pregnancy expenses
  • Expectant parent(s) and adoptive parent(s) agree to pursue an independent adoption
  • Attorney prepares the legal documents necessary for the adoption
  • After the birth, the birth mother signs over temporary custody to the adoptive parents
  • Adoptive parents file official adoption petition
  • Adoptive parents attend a court hearing with the adopted child, where a judge can grant permanent legal custody

The process involves extra steps if the birth mother lives in a different state than the adoptive parent(s) or if the biological father challenges the adoption.

Our intention is to help you feel supported, confident and satisfied throughout the process of your independent adoption.

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