Oklahoma City Lawyers Advocate for Parents in Child Support Cases

Dedicated firm works to establish and maintain appropriate rates

Parents are legally bound to help meet the financial needs of their minor children even if they do not share the same home. This obligation runs until the age of majority or if said child is regularly attending high school, through said child’s twentieth (20) birthday. It does not matter if parents are divorced or never married. At Zuhdi & Flynn, PLLC, our Oklahoma City firm represents parents seeking child support and those asked to pay it in a full range of proceedings. Whether you have a question about the accuracy of information provided by your co-parent, seek to modify the terms of a support order presently in place or require assistance securing the payment you’re entitled to, our proven attorneys are here to help.

Family law attorneys detail the factors used for child support determinations

Judges have the authority to set a child support rate that reflects the individual circumstances of each family, but most of these determinations follow the formula set by the state. Starting with your free consultation, our family law attorneys see that you’re well aware of the factors that affect these decisions, including:

  • Time spent in each home — Rather than simply defining custodial and noncustodial parents, Oklahoma’s support calculator uses the number of days in each home to set the payment terms.
  • Parental income — The income of both parents is factored into the child support formula. In addition to wages, alimony payments from a prior case and Social Security Title II benefits are considered.
  • Medical insurance — Amounts paid for a son’s or daughter’s health insurance can affect the eventual child support obligation.
  • Childcare expenses — When childcare receipts are provided, this expense might trigger an adjustment in the support rate.

Whether relations between parents are friendly or not, our divorce lawyers strive to keep the focus on the well-being of the children shared by the couple. By avoiding needless friction, we can increase the likelihood that child support orders will be followed.

Experienced advocates handle petitions for child support modifications

A significant change in circumstances, such as a substantial income adjustment or disabling medical condition, might affect the fairness of a previously entered child support order. When you believe that a modification might be warranted, our firm evaluates the circumstances and files the required documents with the state’s Child Support Services department. No matter how compelling your case might seem, you cannot make changes on your own — you must maintain the current obligation until a judge approves the modification. We also assist parents who are opposing requests for revised child support terms.

Respected attorneys represent parents in enforcement actions

A noncustodial parent who falls into arrears on their child support is subject to various types of sanctions. It’s important for recipient parents to act quickly when a payment is late or less than the ordered amount because even with strict enforcement mechanisms, paying parents might fall far behind if they fail to honor their obligation for too long. If you’re owed child support, we’ll go over various methods for securing the proper payment including income withholding, suspension of licenses, seizure of bank funds and even a contempt of court action.

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