Oklahoma City Attorneys Defend Motorists Charged with Drunk Driving

Skilled advocates work to help clients avoid unjust punishment

Even if you’ve never been accused of a crime before, a conviction for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs can carry penalties that disrupt your life significantly. Depending on the circumstances surrounding the arrest, you could lose your license, be forced to pay a fine and even spend time behind bars. From our office in Oklahoma City, Zuhdi & Flynn, PLLC represents motorists who have been arrested for operating their vehicle while impaired. We are experienced defense litigators who investigate each situation thoroughly to identify any potential defenses and help our clients avoid an unfair punishment.

Knowledgeable litigators work to reduce or eliminate DUI penalties

Once you’ve been charged with drunk driving, establishing an effective defense starts with understanding the legal elements that will shape your case, such as:

  • Blood alcohol content — If a motorist’s blood alcohol concentration (BAC) is .08 percent or greater, they are subject to a per se driving under the influence (DUI) charge. Even if the BAC is .06 percent or .07 percent, the driver can still face a driving while impaired prosecution if there is evidence that he or she was affected by alcohol or another substance. When a breath, blood or urine test indicates a BAC of at least .15 percent, this qualifies as aggravated DUI, exposing the driver to harsher punishment.
  • Penalties — Someone convicted of a first drunk driving offense within a 10-year period will have their license revoked for six months and could face up to a year in jail if there are no aggravating factors that increase the charge, such as an injury-causing accident. Multiple offenders and motorists charged with aggravated DUI are subject to harsher punishment and longer periods where they cannot drive or must use an ignition interlock device (IID). Even a drug crime that does not involve operating a vehicle can be punished by a license suspension.
  • Test refusal — Under the principle of implied consent, anyone who operates a vehicle on an Oklahoma road has agreed to be tested for intoxication if proper legal justification exists. Refusing to submit a sample leads to an automatic driver’s license suspension and the installation of an IID on your car or truck. This is an administrative penalty, so you cannot defend yourself at trial, but we can see if the sanction resulted from unlawful police enforcement actions.
  • Underage drivers — Drivers who are younger than 21 are not permitted to have any alcohol in their system. Even a trace amount detected in a test will result in a suspended license and fine. Our firm understands how different substances, such as prescription and even over-the-counter medicines, might lead to a faulty reading, so we are prepared to fight the allegations that stemmed from a mistaken result.

Police and prosecutors can be intimidating, but you should not be afraid to assert your rights regardless of the circumstances. In a free initial consultation, we can outline potential strategies to counter the case against you.

Effective litigators counter allegations of operating a vehicle while impaired

You might be able to defeat or reduce your drunk driving charge even if a test result shows an intoxication level that exceeds the legal limit. Evidence that is collected improperly cannot be used against a defendant. Our criminal defense lawyers investigate the facts to determine if the police had an objective reason to make the initial stop and probable cause to initiate a search or arrest. Even a slight failure in the administration, handling or reading of a chemical test result might create enough doubt to justify a dismissal, acquittal or reduction in charges.

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