Caring Oklahoma City Lawyers Handle Guardianship Proceedings

Firm helps clients establish legal authority to help individuals in need

From the time they are born through early adulthood, young people require devoted care from an adult. Unfortunately, some biological parents are not able to serve as a responsible presence in their children’s lives. Whether the situation was prompted by death, illness, addiction, incarceration or the inability to meet a child’s needs, Zuhdi & Flynn, PLLC in Oklahoma City advises clients on the justifications for legal guardianship and represents them in proceedings to establish responsibility for children’s well-being. Our dedicated lawyers also handle guardianship matters relating to adult wards who require assistance due to physical and/or mental incapacity. We have decades of combined experience and treat each of these cases with the skill and sensitivity that they deserve.

Thorough attorneys advise on all aspects of child guardianship

Oklahoma judges are authorized to appoint a legal guardian when it appears “necessary or convenient.” This can be a broad standard that allows for the use of many factors relating to a child’s well-being and the worthiness of a potential guardian. Our family law attorneys assist clients with all aspects of guardianship, such as:

  • Future planning — If you have a minor child, thinking about what happens if he or she becomes orphaned is difficult but necessary to secure a proper home should an unexpected tragedy occur. We walk clients through the various responsibilities of a legal guardian and offer knowledgeable counsel if parents are unsure about who would provide the best home for their son or daughter. Once a decision is made, we’ll draft clear instructions regarding your wishes and other concerns you wish to address, which might include financial support, education and religious upbringing.
  • Cases involving parental fitness — Grandparents, aunts, uncles and even people without a family connection to children are sometimes compelled to take action when they believe parents are no longer capable of raising their child safely. In these situations, our firm works diligently to assemble information that supports a guardianship petition.
  • Investigations — In some instances, particularly when a dispute exists regarding termination of parental rights, the court might conduct an investigation of the child’s existing circumstances as well as those of the prospective guardian. These examinations could be pivotal in convincing a judge what outcome is in the young person’s best interests.

Guardianship is an important responsibility that must be evaluated in light of the specific challenges facing the child or children. In addition to demonstrating why children should be placed under the care of a legal guardian, we prepare detailed arguments as to why our clients are best suited to serve in this role.

Family lawyers assist with adult guardianship and conservatorship issues

Legal guardianship can be established when an Oklahoma adult is unable to meet their own basic needs due to a physical or mental disability. This can be a difficult situation, especially when the potential ward resists transferring their legal authority to the proposed guardian. When appropriate, we help clients seek limited guardianships where an adult only requires assistance with some matters, such as an elderly person who is no longer able to handle financial issues. In other instances, our lawyers pursue general guardianship where the subject needs help not just with property concerns but with physical care as well. Conservatorship is a possible option when someone who has a physical limitation but is not mentally impaired agrees to have someone appointed to manage their property interests.

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